Are you Spooked out by the condition of your data center?

The summer has quickly come and gone, and even though most companies have high and low seasons, we know IT service providers are busy all year round; still, we hope yours was enjoyable.

You know as well as we do that keeping your data center clean and free of harmful particles is a priority. If you’ve got buildup of dust and other airborne particles, then your equipment is at risk of corrosion or outright failure. Below we have detailed a few of our most important services, and why they are important.

  • Emergency data cleaning services Completely preventing an emergency is impossible. Sometimes accidents or natural disasters just happen. Our Emergency Response Hotline is on-call 24/7. Regardless of the extent of the damage, you need to act quickly. We can thoroughly clean the premises and all equipment to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Post-Construction Cleaning – Any construction project large or small is going to give off harmful dust particles that pose a major threat to your equipment. Any time you’ve had construction done on your premises, it’s important to have everything thoroughly cleaned. Even if the construction crew has totally swept up, they are not properly trained in the aspects of cleaning delicate computer equipment. Computers and other equipment need to be properly cared for, and few cleaning crews actually know how to do it.
  • Workstation on wheels (W.O.W.) cleaning – Disinfecting and cleaning will has a few major benefits. Firstly, it will help the computer equipment last longer and improve efficiency. Also, if the W.O.W. is dirty, then it will track harmful particles around the premises, risking contamination to sensitive equipment.
  • A/V room cleaning – A/V equipment is becoming more sophisticated and microscopic by the day. But the tinier they are, the more susceptible they are to harmful particles. Due to the delicate nature of the equipment involved (screens, playback equipment, etc), it takes a team of trained, dedicated and professionals to get it done right.


The best way to keep your data center clean is by investing in a good data center cleaning company to help protect your critical equipment and ensure your hardware maintains its efficiency. Spec-Clean has worked hard to build our reputation as one of the best and most dedicated cleaning companies. We utilize the latest techniques and technology to get the job done right. Some of our other services include:

  • Raised-floor cleaning
  • Under-floor cleaning
  • Interior server cleaning
  • Ceiling cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning and maintenance
  • And more



There’s Clean, then there’s SPEC-CLEAN