Our Multi-Stage Approach Assures a Flawlessly Clean Environment.

SPEC-CLEAN goes to great lengths to remove all dirt, dust, residues and contaminants from your facility. Each project is assigned a supervisor and team of professionals who adhere to this proven cleaning regimen:

Pre-Cleaning: A walk-through inspection, usually with the client, to confirm areas to be cleaned, methods employed and assurance that no IT disruptions will occur.

Cleaning: Work is performed with keen attention to detail and close supervision of each phase of the cleaning process.

Post-Cleaning: A quality control inspection is conducted to make sure all tasks are successfully completed, with particular attention to areas in and around return vents.

Our Professional Services Include:

Raised-Floor Cleaning

SPEC-CLEAN goes above and beyond in its cleaning of raised floor surfaces. After a thorough inspection of the areas to be cleaned, and removal of chairs, carts and…

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Stringer and Pedestal Cleaning

An important component of our under floor decontamination process is the wiping clean of all stringers and pedestal surfaces to remove dust and residues. During this process no…

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Ceiling Plenum Cleaning

The space above ceilings is another haven for dirt, dust and airborne contaminants to collect and make their way into areas below. Our trained technicians remove ceiling tiles…

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Cleaning of Return Vents and Grills

Our experienced technicians systematically clean the interior and exterior of return vents along the walls of the room, placing a 50-75 ft. plastic enclosure around the designated work…

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Subfloor Sealing

To reduce significantly concrete dust and airborne particulate from contaminating work areas, SPEC-CLEAN provides expert subfloor encapsulation. This includes the application of a water-based surface substrate that effectively…

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Equipment Encapsulation

To keep new and offline equipment free of harmful debris and dust particles while construction is in progress, we can securely encapsulate designated areas within the room with…

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Cable Mining

Count on our high level of expertise to safely remove any unwanted or redundant cabling below raised floors to maximize airflow and reduce hazards that the accumulation of…

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Zinc Whisker Remediation

Zinc whiskers are zinc crystals that are formed by the corrosion of galvanized metal surfaces. They present a growing threat to data centers and computer rooms and will…

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Post Construction Cleaning Services

It’s extremely important to protect valuable and sensitive equipment from the dust, debris and airborne particles remaining after completion of construction on your premises. This is another capacity…

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Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

To prevent soil, dust and carpet fibers from harming electronic equipment, and to maintain a healthy working environment, periodic cleaning of commercial carpet is essential. SPEC-CLEAN will inspect…

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There’s Clean, then there’s SPEC-CLEAN