Cleaning of VCT, Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) and Concrete Surfaces & Flooring

Vinyl composition tile (VCT), electrostatic dissipative (ESD) floors and concrete flooring require special care and attention. Prior to cleaning, the room is cleared of any boxes or equipment and the entire surface vacuumed using a certified HEPA filtration vacuum with grounded electrical system.

Based on your needs, surfaces are carefully scrubbed clean using a low-revolution orbital machine with interference-suppressed motor to remove scuffs and deep clean with an approved access floor cleaning solution. Tightly accessible areas are hand-scrubbed to ensure each tile is fully cleaned. Tape marks, glue buildup, paint and ground-in dirt are removed from all perimeters and base molding. Multiple coats of antistatic floor finisher is applied to VCT and all accessible floor tiles neutralized to eliminate static electricity buildup using a non-conductive solution.


There’s Clean, then there’s SPEC-CLEAN