Interior/Exterior Equipment & Environment Cleaning

With utmost care and skill, SPEC-CLEAN safely cleans all interior and exterior equipment surfaces using lint-free, micro-fiber wipes and HEPA filtration vacuums with a grounded system.

This includes all server racks, CRAC units, PDUs, wall-mounted hardware, equipment, chairs, handrails, light fixtures, windows, window sills, and office equipment. We remove all surface grime, dirt and contaminant buildup, as well as sanitize phones, fixtures and doors.

Additionally, we can HEPA vacuum and wipe-down cabinet exteriors and interiors, monitors and general flat surfaces. All PCs, keyboards and screens are thoroughly cleaned with a special antistatic solution. We will also clean all desks, tables, overhead cable trays, and ladders located in the computer room – whatever it takes to leave your facility in pristine, contaminant-free condition.


There’s Clean, then there’s SPEC-CLEAN