We Perform Many Types of Site Analyses to Help You Meet Established Standards.

Site Assessments

Based on ISO 14644-1 Standard for Cleanliness, SPEC-CLEAN will perform a site assessment of your facility, a snapshot of its condition at a point in time. For this we do a visual inspection and take various measurements of environmental conditions. If the results are within guidelines, we will issue a Certificate of Compliance, verifying that you have met ISO 14644-1 industry standards.

Airborne Particle Readings

We have the equipment to take accurate readings of airborne particulate levels as small as .5 microns to identify any potential source of trouble in your mission-critical data center. Results are measured against ISO 14644-1 Standard for Cleanliness.

Environmental Testing

Our site inspections include a follow-up service report, which details the results of airborne particle counts, condition of subflooring (plenum), ferrous metal test, vapor barrier inspection, temperature readings, humidity test, proper cleaning enhancements, airflow quality, visible inspection of equipment, and concrete subfloor deck seal test. Conclusions are provided and recommendations made.

Independent Environmental Site Audit

To verify the stability and safety of your computer room environment, SPEC-CLEAN will conduct an objective evaluation and issue a report based on our findings. The audit includes measurement of the cooling unit and air handling capacity, static pressure under raised floors, data center temperatures, and more—providing an accurate, documented assessment of your IT facility. SPEC-CLEAN performs these and other services always in an unobtrusive and professional manner.


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