Why Clean Your Server Room?

A regularly scheduled cleaning program, performed by qualified professionals, is recognized throughout the IT industry as the first line of defense in protecting operations against unscheduled downtime and unwanted hardware failures. At SPEC-CLEAN we take all of the threats to your business operations very seriously. Each one of our technicians is highly trained and well qualified to provide expert care and services in maintaining a clean operating environment.

SPEC-CLEAN Server Room Cleaning Services are:

Hardware Cleaning In situations where dust and dirt are allowed to accumulate within the Server Room or operating IT environments, these contaminate often migrate into the operating equipment. Over time, these contaminants begin to restrict the airflow of sensitive equipment leading to increased operating temperatures and ultimately premature hardware failures, downtime, and business interruption. It is recommended that anytime visible accumulations of dust or dirt are found on or around IT and other electronic equipment a thorough cleaning be performed to minimize the previously mentioned exposures to unwanted hardware failures. SPEC-CLEAN technicians are well trained to remove contamination threats using specialized equipment and anti-static solutions.

Anti- Static Floor Finishing Service Anti-Static, or ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) compliant floors must be cleaned and maintained using qualified techniques and materials to help protect sensitive electronics from the potentially damaging effects of ESD incidents. ESD incidents are well known to cause premature hardware failures.

Raised Floor Surface Cleaning Involves our technicians to perform a thorough cleaning of all raised floor tile surfaces. The products SPEC-CLEAN utilizes are specifically designed for high-pressure laminated raised floor tiles.

Exterior Equipment Surface Cleaning Includes the cleaning of all the exterior surfaces: workstations, cabinets, and equipment. SPEC-CLEAN technicians use HEPA filtered, ESD Compliant vacuums where applicable and afterward wipe the surfaces clean using anti-static cleaners and micro-fiber clothes. Our technicians are trained and qualified to perform these services on operating equipment ensuring equipment continues operating uninterrupted.

Interior Server Cabinet Cleaning Includes cleaning all the interior parts of your server cabinet using HEPA filtered, ESD Compliant vacuums then followed by wiping using an anti-static cleaner. This type of cleaning service includes parts such as; server exhaust fans, inner cabinet doors, and other inner parts of the server cabinets. Our technicians are trained and qualified to perform these services on operating equipment ensuring equipment continues operating uninterrupted.

Subfloor Surface Cleaning Involves the cleaning of the concrete subfloor plenum using HEPA filtered vacuums. All contaminants and debris in the subfloor are removed to avoid possible particles cross-contaminating the area and other objects interfering with the efficient air flow.

Concrete Sealing As concrete ages it begins to deteriorate emitting abrasive and potentially corrosive dust particles. For this reason, it is extremely important to seal concrete surfaces. Fortunately, SPEC-CLEAN offers a low-cost and highly effective Concrete Sealing solution that will protect your equipment from the damaging effects of these contaminates.

Ceiling Plenum Cleaning Is very important for the complete maintenance of your server room. This type of service involves cleaning above the acoustical ceiling tiles using HEPA filtration vacuums and removing any debris by hand.

After SPEC-CLEAN deep cleans your server room, it is advisable to conduct routine checks of cleanliness and housekeeping so as to ensure optimum stability of all your working equipment.

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