Server rooms are available in almost all data center environments. Most people tend to confuse data centers for server rooms; however server rooms tend to be smaller. The only similarity between them is that they house the same data pertaining to communication. Server rooms are very important to any communication or IT business; this is because any malfunction in the server room affects the entire operation. For this reason, server room cleaning must be handled with care and kept away from possible contamination that may interfere with its operations.

Server rooms host a wide range of very sensitive equipment’s. This equipment needs a clean environment that is free of contaminants to avoid possible damages. From time to time server rooms are prone to frequent contamination from dust and debris. This may sound petty but actually dust and debris may result in the hardware overheating and subsequent permanent damages. For this reason proper server room maintenance must always come in handy. Actually, if operating in the communication/IT industry, you need a reliable company that can offer you server room cleaning services from time to time.

Services offered by server room cleaning companies;

(a) Minimize hardware malfunction caused by contaminations.

Hardware malfunction is often caused by contaminations and electronic discharge. Server room cleaners are well trained to remove threats that cause contamination using anti-static solutions. They do this by neutralizing static clings and further preventing dust from damaging the hardware through over-heating.

(b) Anti- static floor finishing

This involves applying anti- static floor finishing to floor that’s not raised. This is very important as it prevents static build-up that damages the hardware.

(c) Raised floor surface cleaning

This involves cleaning of all the carpet and tile surfaces. The products used in cleaning are specifically designed for high pressure laminated raised floor tiles. Hence all the panels are not only left clean but also very safe.

(d) Exterior Equipment surface cleaning

This includes cleaning of all the exterior surfaces of workstations, cabinets and equipment. Technicians use filtered vacuums where applicable and afterwards wipe the surfaces clean using anti-static cleaners and micro-fiber clothes. No interference with input devices occurs unless powered down.

(e) Interior Server cabinet cleaning

Interior server cabinet cleaning Includes cleaning all the interior parts of the server cabinet. This includes parts such as server exhaust fans, inner cabinet doors and other inner parts of the server cabinets. They are cleaned by filtered vacuums then followed by wiping using anti-static cleaner. All this is to ensure no harm happens to the server.

(f) Subfloor surface cleaning

This involves cleaning of the concrete subfloor plenum by use of specialized filter vacuums. All contaminations in the subfloor are removed to avoid possible build-up of particles that can be carried around, interfering with the air flow and cause possible downtime.

(g) Ceiling Cleaning

Ceiling cleaning is very important for a complete maintenance of a server room. This involves cleaning of the vacuum by use of filter vacuums or alternatively by wiping overhead cable trays using microfiber cloths or anti0static cleaners.

After deep cleaning of your server room, it is advisable to conduct routine checks on sanitation so as to ensure optimum sanitation maintenance and stability of all your working equipment. Well, what are you waiting for? Contact a server room cleaning company today and get your server room in its best shape!


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