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Tacky Mats

Control contamination with these efficient polyethylene film mats that remove foot-borne particulate before workers enter your facility. Seamless one-piece construction with frames made of white, high-impact polystyrene with…

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SPEC-CLEAN Data Center Floor Panel Lifter

Floor Panel Lifters

Our Double 5″ and Double 4″ raised floor lifters have been redesigned with lighter, recessed handles for improved comfort and strength. They make the repeated task of pulling…

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SPEC-CLEAN Wall Bracket

Wall Bracket

The perfect design to keep Double Cup Floor Tile Pullers handy for easy access. Made of strong metal with press-formed rounded corners that fit evenly against any wall.…

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SPEC-CLEAN Data Center Floor Tile Puller

Floor Tile Puller

Made of a single piece of strengthened steel with cushioned grip handle, this convenient puller easily hooks and lifts most styles of perforated or vented floor tiles. The…

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SPEC-CLEAN Verti-Lift Standup Floor Tile Puller

Verti-Lift Standup Floor Tile Puller

The Verti-Lifter makes the repeated lifting of raised floor tiles fast and safe, while eliminating bending the back or knees. Ruggedly constructed yet lightweight, portable and simple to…

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SPEC-CLEAN Data Center Air-Guard Surface Mount

Air-Guard Surface Mount

Retro fit to cover existing floor panel cutouts up to 8″ X 8″, this cable sealed mount provides an easy and economical solution for optimizing thermal management of…

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SPEC-CLEAN Data Center Temperature Strip

Temperature Strip

Quickly and accurately measure the air-intake temperature of IT equipment with this liquid crystal thermometer with acrylic self-adhesive backing. The Temperature Strip indicates if the air temperature is…

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SPEC-CLEAN Data Center Infinity® Air Grate

Infinity® Air Grate

This heavy duty 24″ X 24″ perforated steel floor panel can adapt to virtually every access floor panel ever made. With a massive 55% open area, the Infinity…

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The Cleaning Station

The Cleaning Station

The Cleaning Station is an all-in-one sanitizing system that reduces the spread of germs and contaminants among employees. This sleekly designed freestanding system dispenses wet wipes, sanitizes hands…

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