Whether your computer room or data center is a mega center or a small closet, it needs to get cleaned in order to maintain the optimum health of its equipment, the personnel and environmental aesthetics. Our data center cleaning technicians offer data center cleaning services, in combinations or separately; designed to keep your computer room or data center running at its’ peak performance. Data center cleaning is a crucial part of any and all types of data center maintenance programs to ensure top performance. By eliminating dirt and dust build up, uptime and system reliability is increased. Additionally, cleaning extends the servers lifespan and other such electronic devices.

We follow stringent ISO and ASHRAE requirements to offer data cleaning services to enhance as well as maintain the data center quality. Basically, data center cleaning means facilitating the uptime through static, particle, and also residue removal at the microscopic levels. Computer room cleaning, raised floor cleaning, access floor cleaning are some of our main support services.

We clean and maintain all kinds of data centers including equipment, ceilings, cable trays, subfloors, walls, and more. Our crew is experienced in utilizing the appropriate cleaning methods, equipment and chemicals to effectively care for the sensitive surfaces within the data center. Our crew is well trained to do work in the live data centers’ environments, safely. Data center cleaning usually requires removing the gross contamination as well as the unseen particles, which could easily harm the sensitive servers, data storage equipment and network. That is what we actually do, and we offer the best data center cleaning services.

Our technicians are well trained according to WHO, ISO 14644 and ASHRAE TC9, to help in testing and identifying sources of contamination during the cleaning services at your data center. If the indications of the source of contamination seem to be in high risk category, our managers will provide options for, say, laboratory testing in order to confirm the specific contamination identification as well as provide the current contamination level to help you in deciding if remediation is required. We are committed to offering you the information required to run safe low risk data center. We help preserve the static controls with our experience and knowledge with different types of data center equipment, and laws regarding the static dissipation.

We offer a comprehensive service cleaning which is basically a complete, deep cleaning which removes particles from not only the surfaces but also the air, as is required by the ISO 14644. Data center cleaning service can be done once quarterly to once annually depending on the facilities’ condition, filtration and the amount of traffic going in and out. We offer maintenance programs which range from daily, weekly and monthly to keep the dust, particle and static levels under the right control following the best practices. We also offer maximum accountability, and uptime for all your facilities. Our clients always stand by us because of our highly trained crew, flexible scheduling and no surprise up charges.

Whether you want an initial cleaning or/and scalable maintenance program, our experts will take care of all your cleaning needs, and will recommend a program which meets your specific data center cleaning requirements. Our highly trained technicians fully understand the sensitivity and importance of your company’s data center, and take great pride in providing you with the highest top quality data cleaning services whilst ensuring operational integrity of your business or company’s IT assets. As the best data centers cleaning company, we not only offer the highest levels of technical services, but we also offer old fashioned customer service. Our company believes in trust, integrity and professional customer service with a warm smile. Every crew we have will provide excellent feedback and guidance all the way. All the technicians we have are specially trained for data center cleaning in order for them to work in these critical and complex environments.

Whether you are looking for the most effective and safest method of keeping your facility well maintained, or you simply want world class cleaning for your data center, our company will be always there for you with not only the most professional, but also the most highly trained crew. In addition, we have chemicals and equipment specialized for your particular environment.


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