Our Maintenance Programs Keep Your Facilities Free of Contaminants and Concerns.

SPEC-CLEAN offers a variety of maintenance plans customized to your cleaning, scheduling and budgetary needs. Our clients appreciate how much our regular cleaning, thoroughness and interruption-free service saves them in the long run. And that we’re available 24/7 should an emergency occur that requires an immediate cleanup. Here are some of our most popular frequency packages:

Weekly: Fifty-two times a year
Bi-Weekly: Twenty-six times a year
Monthly: Twelve times a year
Bi-Monthly: Six times a year

Quarterly: Four times a year
Semi-Annual: Two times a year
Annual: One time a year
As Needed

Once you choose the frequency that works best for you, we draw up a customized service calendar and send out advanced reminders before each scheduled service. And if your needs change, we’re happy to adjust your plan to accommodate them.


There’s Clean, then there’s SPEC-CLEAN