Maintenance Programs

Say goodbye to dirt, debris and downtime in your facility.

SPEC-CLEAN provides customized maintenance plans that fit your schedule and budget and protect your facilities from dust, debris and contaminant build-up. To help you run your data center more efficiently throughout the year.

Daily: Two hundred sixty days a year
Weekly: Fifty-two times a year
Bi-Weekly: Twenty-six times a year
Monthly: Twelve times a year
Bi-Monthly: Six times a year
Quarterly: Four times a year
Semi-Annual: Two times a year
Annual: One time a year
As Needed:  Call to schedule

We can determine what program works best for your facility. SPEC-CLEAN will send a service calendar and notify you prior to each scheduled service. It is easy to adjust your program or change a date of cleaning to accommodate your needs.

Not sure which plan is best?  Call us at 203.885.0174 or request an on-site evaluation


There’s Clean, then there’s SPEC-CLEAN