Server Room Cleaning Standards

What You Need to Know About Server Room Cleaning Standards


When is the last time your server room has been cleaned? If you can’t remember, then you need to act now. But don’t panic yet, you have come to the right place! We are here to set you straight on not only why regular server room cleaning is necessary, but also more importantly, why you should never settle for anything less than the highest standard of server room cleaning services.


In general, scheduling regular site cleanings is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the safety and longevity of your data center. Dust, dirt, and other harmful particles that you may not even notice, can cause serious harm to not only the data, but to any personnel operating the server room as well. Good cable management is also important to the cleaning process.


We recommend that you plan for a certified data center cleaning on a quarterly basis. However, don’t be afraid to schedule a cleaning even more often than 4 times a year. SPEC-CLEAN will work with your company to make a schedule that you will stick to. To determine the frequencies of needed server room cleanings, we have turned to guidelines recommended by ASHRAE. Let us advise you on how often your server room needs to be cleaned. The better you keep up, the less stress and problems you are likely to have to deal with in the long run. Preventing major system damage to your servers can be as simple as being proactive about the cleaning of them. The cost of repairs or data recovery can often be more taxing than finding the problem before it arises.


So are you ready to get your server room clean? Don’t grab that broom and dustpan yet! While you may do an adequate job in your home, it is critical to understand that cleaning a server room is incomparable to other types of cleaning. Like every other discipline, cleaning is one that has its specialties that are not designed to overlap. You wouldn’t bring your nice suit to the Laundromat to get cleaned, or let children scrub your Maserati at a fundraising car wash would you? Similarly, you cannot let someone untrained and unqualified for the task clean your server room. This peculiar type of cleaning is an extremely delicate process. It requires the expertise of those who are highly trained and experienced, and have the proper equipment and materials to do the job right.


What sets us apart?


SPEC-CLEAN offers all the services you need to keep your server up to par. Not only do we offer all the necessary services, but also we take pride in the quality of our service. We closely follow all standards set by the ADCCP, and have turned to this association to ensure our company performs to the highest standards of the industry. A few of the best practices of server room cleaning that we instill include: applying anti-static floor finishing, minimizing hardware malfunction caused by contaminations, raised floor surface cleaning, exterior equipment surface cleaning, interior server cabinet cleaning, subfloor surface cleaning, and ceiling cleaning.


With several decades of experience, the state of the art in cleaning technology, and a highly trained and responsive team of technicians, it should be a no brainer that SPEC-CLEAN is where you will receive the best results every single time, no question about it.


Remember, maintaining your server room is more than just about having a room for storage, it is about maintaining an environment for your server to ensure it has the longest and healthiest life span possible. After all, your server room is the heart of your company’s entire network. It is essential that you put the cleaning of such an important part of your company in the right hands.


There’s Clean, then there’s SPEC-CLEAN