The role of IT and communications equipment have become quite significant for proper functioning of any organization. Its significance doesn’t vary for a single trader who works from a home office or a multinational company with numerous employees. Any problem with this equipment creates inconvenience and interruption to the normal functioning of organization. Many experts have credited 80% of IT equipment problems to the unknown causes which most of the time originated within the hardware only.

Hence every server or computer room needs to be cleaned on regular basis to maintain the condition of equipment. In order to function properly, server rooms always demand a sound environment. These rooms are also called as communication rooms and most of the time mixed up with date centers as they both consist of data communication equipment. They mainly differ in the context of their scale. Since data centers are quite bigger than server rooms. It is very important to keep both of them free from any sort of contamination.

Our company offers a range of server room cleaning services which will reduce the chances of any hardware failure by electrostatic discharge and impurity. Our specialist technicians are proficient in removing these threats safely by using anti-static solutions which will nullify the cling and prevent any form of dust responsible for overheating. In spite of their small size, these sever rooms are very important to business operations. Their down time can prove very expensive for business processes. So it is imperative to conduct sanitation beforehand to avoid any sort of damages created by contamination from debris, dust and static.

Apart from this we offer an inclusive cleaning of server rooms that will include cleaning of raised floor tile and carpet surface, Anti-static floor finishing, Cleaning of exterior and interior equipment, Interior server cabinet cleaning ,Subfloor surface and ceiling cleaning etc.

Raised floor surface cleaning

It will include proper cleaning of carpet and tile surfaces. Floor cleaning products are mainly use for cleaning high pressure laminated raised tiles of floor.

Anti-Static treatment of tiles and floor

In order to prevent any sort of dangerous static build up, we apply an Anti-Static Floor Finish to non-raised floor surfaces. We never apply wax on the surface of floor panels.

Cleaning of Exterior Equipment

Exterior surfaces of equipment, workstations and cabinets are cleaned by using Anti-static cleaner and Microfiber cloths. We never allow cleaning of input devices until they are properly switched off.

Cleaning of Interior Server Cabinet

We offer cleaning of cabinet doors of server, fans used for exhausting dust and surface of the cabinet also.

Cleaning of Subfloor Surface

Filter vacuums are used for cleaning the subfloor in compliance with set standards. Our specialist will take out all available contamination from your subfloor in order to prevent any sort of buildup in room responsible for disruption in normal functioning.

Cleaning of ceiling

It is very essential to have preventive maintenance of your data center. Here specialized filter vacuums are used for wiping the overhead cable trays depending upon the customer’s requirement.


Our server room cleaning service will help you to fight number of problems. You can avail our services as a preventive actions and maintenance procedures.


There’s Clean, then there’s SPEC-CLEAN