Isn’t it surprising that we all think about cleaning and vacuuming our homes but when it comes to our computer and server rooms, nobody seems to care? Computers are sensitive pieces of hardware, and while they are very useful, their performance depends solely on how well they are managed. A great server room is one that has been painstakingly cleaned and free of any environmental contaminants. The floor is especially very sensitive for the obvious reason that it is where everyone walks. For a long time, we have provided computer room floor cleaning services to a variety of clients, helping them preserve a lot of data while cutting repair and maintenance costs.


Understanding the idea behind our services

Our work involves cleaning the floor of your computer room, which ensures that it is free from contaminants such as dust, chemicals and other environmental elements. Our activities are geared towards providing you with a clean working space as well as a healthy environment for your machines to thrive. We handle a wide range of projects, regardless of the scope, size or the number of machines you have in there. We take precautions in a bid to ensure that machines are not damaged in any way.


Just how important is cleaning the floor of a computer room?

According to numerous studies, computers and servers break down every couple of years, and the biggest reason for hardware failure is attributed to factors such as pollen, dust particles and other environmental contaminants. We are well aware that a whopping 75% of hardware-related problems occur due to environmental triggers. You have a ton of precious information, and you do not want to lose it just because some wayward dust particle found its way into a crucial part of the system. And you certainly do not want to replace a server that has only been around for a year.


Regular cleaning is not enough

You might think that it is enough to vacuum your computer room and wipe away the dust using a towel is enough to keep it clean. Sadly, it is not. You will need to call some professionals to inoculate the place, ensuring that the most effective methods are applied towards that end. We do not just throw water around- we treat the floor with highly sophisticated anti-static solutions. And we cover every inch of the room, leaving no space for the entry of contaminants.


How do our cleaning services help?

With clean computers, you have the assurance that machine failure rates are substantially reduced, which essentially means reduced costs in the long-term. You also have the assurance that your data will always be available whenever you need it. In addition to that, server and computer performance is directly proportional to condition. When your servers have an increased up time, your level productivity rises as information becomes easy to retrieve.


We have always focused on the long-term stability of your computers, which is why our professional cleaners make sure to cover every single inch of your computer rooms.


There’s Clean, then there’s SPEC-CLEAN